Download portal agreement:

Email executed Agreements to: [email protected] 

set up an escrow account:

(Issuers page)

pay escrow fees:

$500 is due up front for each escrow set up. Any remaining escrow fees will be due at closing.


Portal Onboarding Fee
Production API Keys - $1,500 (one-time fee)

Escrow Fees
Issuer Background Check - $30 per business principal
Investor AML/CIP (Anti-Money Laundering) - $2 per investor
Escrow Account Creation - $500 fee for each new escrow open. Nonrefundable. Accounts will terminate after 6 months.
Escrow Renewal - $250
Escrow Cancellation - Funds Returned to Investors - No additional fee.
One-Time Disbursement of Funds to Issuer:

  • Up to $1MM: 25 basis points (.25%) (less $500 Escrow Account Creation)
  • $1MM - $5MM: 20 basis points (.20%) with a $2.5K minimum fee
  • > $5MM: 15 basis points (.15%) with a $10K minimum fee.

Milestone-based Disbursement of Funds to Issuer - 30 basis points (.30%) per distribution with a minimum distribution fee.

IRA Fees
Refer to published Self-Directed IRA Fee Schedule.
Investments held in a Traditional, SEP, SIMPLE or Roth IRA -  $65 (flat) Annual Maintenance Fee + $25 One-Time Establishment Fee.
GoldStar IRAs set up through portals that utilize our APIs are NOT subject to the $25 One-Time Establishment Fee.

CrowdPay Custodial Accounts
Refer to published CrowdPay Custodial Account Agreement.
Each investor using non-qualified funds (cash) to invest will have an interest-bearing CrowdPay Custodial Account that will hold the investment(s) as well as any uninvested cash and/or payments from distributions if applicable. CrowdPay accounts are FREE to investors.
Investor Funds Collection - No fee Via ACH; $25 Via Wire Transfer; $5 Via Check
Investor Funds Withdrawal Request - No fee Via ACH; $25 Via Wire Transfer; $5 Via Check

Terms and Conditions

  1. Crowdfunding issues are subject to approval by GoldStar Trust Company (“GoldStar/we”) before escrow will be setup.
  2. All fees are due prior to services rendered.
  3. Annual fees are not prorated.
  4. GoldStar MUST be the (only) IRA Custodian on all issues for which we are the Escrow Agent.
    • We will not send distribution payments to another IRA Custodian.

RIGHT TO MAKE ADJUSTMENTS TO THIS FEE SCHEDULE:  GoldStar Trust Company reserves the right to make any adjustments to its fees for escrow, paying agent, tax form preparation, custodial or agency services when such adjustments are warranted by changes in governing laws, regulations, operating technology, economic conditions or unprofitability. This schedule may be modified at any time. Such fees shall become effective on the 30th day after giving notice electronically of such revision to crowdfunding portals and issuer participants shown on the records of GoldStar.

Download CrowdPay Investor Forms:

Email Withdrawal Request forms to [email protected] for processing.