opening and funding

A self-directed IRA can hold crowdfunding offerings and other non-publicly traded alternative investments as long as an annual valuation is available. 

  • $1,000 minimum to open
  • Seamlessly integrated with all other CrowdPay services
  • Contribute earned income up to $5,500 per year (below age 50) or $6,500 per year if over over age 50
  • Transfer funds in existing IRAs
  • Roll funds over from 401(k)s and other retirement plans

Our APIs allow an investor to open a Traditional, Roth, SEP or SIMPLE self-directed (GoldStar) IRA right on the investment portal. The IRA process is integrated with the “how do you want to fund your investment” options during account setup and requires the same information from each investor as a non-IRA. For a brand new IRA opened with a contribution, the process is automatic and funded very quickly via ACH transfer from the investor's bank account. Transfers and rollovers using existing retirement funds will take longer (usually up to 2 weeks) and depends on how quickly the existing custodian will release the funds. 

annual valuations

Not every crowdfunding deal will be "IRA eligible" depending on the deal structure of a particular offering and the ability to get a third party valuation. This is mainly referring to equity and revenue sharing deal structures where obtaining a proper annual valuation from a qualified valuation agent can be tricky. Annual valuations are the responsibility of the portal and the issuer to obtain so if an annual valuation is obtainable and approved by GoldStar, then IRAs will be an option for that offering. 


The annual fee for an IRA at GoldStar Trust is $65 per account - this is billed annually to the investor. Our usual ($25) Establishment Fee is waived for IRAs opened on our portal-partner platforms via API. 

  • $65 annual fee
  • Unlimited number of investments
  • Semi-annual IRA statements provided
  • Tax Forms 5498 and 1099R provided electronically on an annual basis
  • No charge for distributions via ACH
  • $100 Full Termination Fee

Other extraordinary IRA service fees may apply; see the the full Fee Schedule for a complete list of fees.

Investor disclaimer:

Using retirement funds for crowdfunding may or may not be appropriate depending on an investor's risk tolerance, age and financial situation among other considerations. Anytime you’re going to invest your hard earned money, do your due diligence! In a self-directed IRA, it is the investor's responsibility to know and understand the risks when determining if an offering is right for them. Also, keep in mind that non-publicly traded investments are, in general, illiquid and there may not be a secondary market in which to sell your investment anytime soon. That’s assuming there is a willing buyer.