Investor Object


Parameter Required Type Description
id N Long Identifier for account
investor_key N GUID Portal's key used when calling the “Get Investor Information” api.
tax_id_number Y String MinLength(9) MaxLength(9)
first_name N String MaxLength(50)
middle_name N String MaxLength(50)
last_name N String MaxLength(50)
name N String MaxLength(150)
birth_date N Date  
mailing_address_1 N String MaxLength(40)
mailing_address_2 N String MaxLength(40)
mailing_city N String MaxLength(40)
mailing_state N String MaxLength(30)
mailing_zip N String MaxLength(9)
mailing_country N String MaxLength(40)
is_mailing_address_foreign Y Bool  
legal_address_1 N String MaxLength(40)
legal_address_2 N String MaxLength(40)
legal_city N String MaxLength(40)
legal_state N String MaxLength(30)
legal_zip N String MaxLength(9)
legal_country N String MaxLength(40)
is_legal_address_foreign N Bool  
primary_phone N String MaxLength(10)
secondary_phone N String MaxLength(10)
is_person Y Bool True indicates the investor is a person
email N String MaxLength(50)
is_cip_satisfied Y Bool  
portal_investor_number N String MaxLength(30)
created_by_ip_address Y String MaxLength(25)
Accounts N Icollection<Accounts>