The following guide is provided to simplify integration with CrowdPay's services. Additional questions and comments can be directed to [email protected] 



The following guide is provided to simplify integration with CrowdPay's services. Additional questions and comments can be directed to [email protected] 

CrowdPay is a REST-based API that provides a scalable, end-to-end solution for crowdfunding portals that allows the creation and funding of custodial investor accounts, funding of escrow accounts, and payment processing (interest, dividend, etc.) to accountholders. To view the CrowdPay API documentation, visit  Proper integration requires adherence to the steps detailed in this document.

Sandbox Access and Setup

To request access to the CrowdPay sandbox, complete the form located here:

Upon approval, you’ll be contacted at the email address you provided with sandbox credentials and the details of a test campaign.

Production Access and Setup

Access to the production environment of the CrowdPay API requires an executed Portal Agreement with GoldStar Trust. In addition to the Portal Agreement, an Escrow Application (see Getting Started) should be submitted and approved and all applicable fees paid. Upon confirmation that the preceding criteria has been met you will receive production credentials.

New Offering Documentation

For each offering, we will need:

  • Bad Actor Check from portal
  • Certificate of Incorporation or similar
  • PPM or similar offering documents
  • Resolution of Borrowing Authority (if debt/lending deal)
  • Escrow Application and required set up information
  • Escrow Agreement signed by issuer and portal

PDFs of these documents are available here:

Escrow set up steps:

  1. Email (securely) all required documents above to: [email protected]

(Optionally, we can setup a shared Dropbox folder).

  1. GoldStar will do a background check on each principal with the information provided.
  2. GoldStar will send invoice to portal for escrow fees via email.
  3. Once the Escrow Creation Fee is paid, GoldStar will set up the escrow on our system and secure email the new Portal Key specific to that issue/escrow along with the executed Escrow Agreement.

Investor Account Steps

  1. Create an Investor
    • Complete the profile for the investor and get an ‘id’ for the new investor in the return payload.
  2. Create Account for the investor
    • The CIP (customer identification program) part of this process is done by a third party and requires your IP(s) to be whitelisted by prior to testing the CIP process. Contact [email protected] to begin this process.

At account creation, the investor should be presented with wording similar to this example in order to agree to CrowdPay’s terms and conditions:

Since this is your first investment, you don’t yet have an investment account. Don’t worry; we’ll open one for you with CrowdPay, <PORTAL NAME>’s bank partner. Just click the boxes below.

¨ I authorize and acknowledge the electronic creation and signing of this form by <PORTAL NAME>, and agree to all CrowdPay account terms and conditions listed herein: CrowdPay Account Agreement

The CrowdPay Account Agreement link should display the form or the wording in the terms and disclosures. The same setup is needed for investment pledging (Investment Direction Form), authorizing subsequent bank drafts to add funds (Bank Draft Form) and requesting cash withdrawals (Withdrawal form).

The CrowdPay Account Agreement and other investor (PDF) documents are also available here:

In instances where an external bank account was entered incorrectly, please have the investor update using the following link: Bank Update Form

Investor adds funds to their account

We will draft an investor’s bank account same day if before 2:00 CST or the following business day if after 2:00 CST. Funds will be available to invest (fund escrow) in 3-5 business days. Use “Get Account with Transactions” to determine if an account has been funded and is ready to purchase assets (Fund Escrow).

Funding Escrow

When the investor wants to invest into a particular Issue, you will call the ‘Fund Escrow’ API to transfer funds from the investor’s CrowdPay account to the escrow specific to that issue. In Texas, you can only do this after the 21 day look period when the issue is officially live per the TSSB. Funds move from the investor’s CrowdPay account to the escrow account they want to fund and the Asset is created in the investor’s CrowdPay account.

Anti-Money Laundering/Customer Identification Program

  • CrowdPay uses integration with a third party to perform AML/CIP checks on investors. This process is a necessary component of opening CrowdPay custodial accounts. For access to the Identification API, contact [email protected]. You can view the Identification API documentation here: Identification API
  • Additional information about integrating with CrowdPay and Identification API can be viewed here: 


Investors must see and agree to the disclosures and terms included in the following documents prior to your portal calling the API for each transaction.

Customer Acceptance

To prove customer acceptance, you must provide a backup document for the following transactions:

  • Create Account (Account Agreement)
  • Fund Account (Bank Draft Request)
  • Fund Escrow (Investment Direction)
  • Withdrawal (Withdrawal Request)

These documents should be text files or PDFs and should include the following customer data to demonstrate acceptance of terms:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email
  • Investor IP
  • Time/Date Stamp


If preferred, you can allow an investor to pledge their commitment to invest only once at the same time they are opening and funding their CrowdPay account by following these guidelines per the TSSB:

  1. It must be properly disclosed that investments in their chosen offering will take place automatically (funds will move from their investment account to the escrow account for that offering) on the first day the offering goes live (after 21 days in Texas).
  2. The process for an investor to cancel a pledge must be described.

Use wording similar to this example:

Please review the details below and confirm your pledge to this offering.

When you click confirm, the amount will be withdrawn from your bank account. During the initial 21 days of the campaign, your money will be placed into a free investment account with CrowdPay, <PORTAL NAME>’s bank partner. After the 21 days, your investment pledge will be moved automatically from your investment account into an escrow account where it will remain until the offering is fully funded. If the campaign expires unfunded, you money will be returned in full. Investment pledges after the 21 days will be deposited directly into escrow.

You can cancel your investment anytime within the first 21 days of a campaign or within 24 hours of making a pledge after the initial 21 days. <Describe here how to cancel>

Otherwise, investors will need to log back on to your portal once the issue is live (after 21 days) in order to commit to invest. Either way you choose to set it up, we do not want to receive any ‘Fund Escrow’ requests during the 21 day “look” period!