GET Account with assets

Get information on account specified by the account_id parameter along with all assets for the account. The “All” keyword will return all assets for the account at the api key level. The original GET continues to return assests for the account at the api key and portal key level.


QA Environment



    "id": 81690,
    "number": "$1000604180",
    "portal_account_number": "9876431",
    "investor_id": 123456,
    "name_1": "InvestorFirst InvestorMiddle InvestorLast",
    "name_2": null,
    "name_3": null,
    "name_4": null,
    "mailing_address_1": "3700 Rutson Drive test",
    "mailing_address_2": null,
    "mailing_city": "Amarillo",
    "mailing_state": "TX",
    "mailing_zip": "79109",
    "mailing_country": null,
    "is_mailing_address_foreign": false,
    "available_balance": 0,
    "current_balance": 0,
    "is_cip_satisfied": false,
    "draft_account_type_id": 1,
    "draft_routing_number": "111222333",
    "draft_account_number": "1234567890",
    "draft_account_name": "InvestorFirst InvestorLast",
    "status_id": 1,
    "account_type_id": 12,
    "w9_code_id": 1,
    "contact_name": "InvestorFirst InvestorLast",
    "contact_phone": "806-123-4567",
    "contact_email": "[email protected]",
    "idology_id": 123456,
    "created_by_ip_address": "123.456.789.012"

    "Assets": [
            "id": 471277,
            "description": "ACME Wealth Agriculture 101, LLC",
            "number": "2000001",
            "sold_date": null,
            "market_value": 250,
            "Transactions": []
    "Transactions": []