Q :  How is CrowdPay different from other escrow and payment processors?
A :  Two main things set us apart: 1)  We are a bank. Most processors require a third party bank partner to facilitate their applications while we are both the bank and the processor and 2) Captured investor funds. Investor payments are made to CrowdPay custodial accounts (and GoldStar IRAs) rather than directly to investors' bank accounts. This gives investors the opportunity to reinvest those funds more easily or withdraw them as they see fit.

Q :  Does GoldStar report payments to the IRS?
A :  Yes. GoldStar can provide 1099INT and 1099DIV tax forms to investors on an annual basis as part of our payment services. 

Q :  Do CrowdPay custodial accounts pay interest on cash balances?
A :  Yes. Interest rates are extremely low right now but CrowdPay accounts do earn a small percentage on uninvested cash.

Q:  What does "API" stand for?
A:  API stands for application programming interface:  a set of protocols, routines and tools for building software applications. Simply put, it allows our system to securely pass data back and forth with an investment portal through a series of API calls and responses.

Q : What protocol is used for CrowdPay APIs?
A :  The CrowdPay API is architected around REST. Visit the Developer tab for more information.

Q : Can a client have multiple CrowdPay accounts?
A : Yes. The number of CrowdPay accounts that can be opened for individual investors is not limited. 

Q : Is CrowdPay only available for crowdfunding?
A : The service also works for other types of securities fundraising. Contact us for more information. 

Q : What type of developer support is available when integrating our portal with CrowdPay?
A : Our developers provide help integrating CrowdPay APIs with your portal but do not provide any web development or UI support. 

Q : Are funds held in a CrowdPay account FDIC insured?
A : Yes. Cash held in a CrowdPay account is insured up to $250,000.00.