For Fund Debt Escrow API function

Parameter Required Type Description
id N Long Identifier for transaction
account_id Y Long  
asset_id N Long  
date N DateTime  
reference N String MaxLength(20)
description N String MaxLength(50)
amount Y Decimal  
status N String Pending, Processed
created_by_ip_address Y String MaxLength(45)
term N Decimal  
effective_date N DateTime  
interest_type N Decimal 1=simple, 2=compound
interest_frequency N Decimal 1 = Monthly
2 = Quarterly
3 = Semi-Annually
4 = Annually
interest_rate Y Decimal Interest Rate must be netween 0.00 and 99.999 inclusively
maturity_date N DateTime  
third_party_asset_number N String MaxLength(30)
asset_description N String MaxLength(100)
cusip_number N String MaxLength(30)