Account Object

If name_1, name_2, name_3 and name_4 are left null, Investor's name information will be used to value these properties

Parameter Required Type Description
id N Long Identifier for account
number N String MaxLength(15)
portal_account_number N String MaxLength(30)
investor_id Y Long  
name_1 N String MaxLength(50)
name_2 N String MaxLength(50)
name_3 N String MaxLength(50)
name_4 N String MaxLength(50)
mailing_address_1 N String MaxLength(40)
mailing_address_2 N String MaxLength(40)
mailing_city N String MaxLength(40)
mailing_state N String MaxLength(30)
mailing_zip N String MaxLength(9)
mailing_country N String MaxLength(40)
is_mailing_address_foreign Y Bool  
current_uninvested_cash  N Decimal  
uninvested_cash  N Decimal  
is_cip_satisfied Y Bool is a valid user - is who they say they are
draft_account_type_id Y Int 1=Checking, 2=Savings
draft_routing_number Y String MaxLength(9)
draft_account_number Y String MaxLength(17)
draft_account_name Y String MaxLength(50)
status_id Y Int 1=Open, 2=Closed, 3=Pending
account_type_id Y Int 2=Traditional IRA, 11=Roth IRA 12=Non IRA
w9_code_id Y Int 1=Received W-9/No Withholding
2=W-9 Not Received/Withholding
3=Mandatory Withholding
4=Exempt From Reporting
5=Corporate - No Reporting
6=Foreign Resident
7=W-8 Non US Citizen
contact_name N String MaxLength(75)
contact_phone  N String MaxLength(20)
contact_email N String MaxLength(50)
idology_id N Long  
created_by_ip_address Y String MaxLength(45)
Assets N ICollection<Assets> Collection of escrows
Transactions N ICollection<Transaction>